Warehouse and Storage Services
Secure, Cost-effective and Convenient way to store your items
Call us on 800 1616 and choose from our range of storage options

Need business storage or space to store your personal goods in Abu Dhabi or Dubai? Whatever the reason, Delight’s storage and warehouse facility can offer a secure and purpose-built storage solution.

Range of Storage Services
We have warehouse facilities and various storage options available. If you want a secure, cost-effective storage solution delight’s storage solutions and warehouses available in Dubai and Abu dhabi would be ideal. Our storage system is a convenient way to store your items to which you need regular access. We also have a range of packing materials, and storage boxes available at all our storage places.

Secure Storage
All of our storage units are high-security warehouses with smoke and fire detection systems installed. You can relax that your goods are safe at all times, no matter which storage option you choose.

Storage Access
Regardless of the type of storage you choose, getting access to your goods is easy. Our storage depots are open 6 days a week, and you can access your items conveniently.

If you need to storage space for your household goods, call us on 800 1616 , and choose from our range of storage options. You are also welcome to inspect any of our facilities during our office open hours between 9am and 7pm Saturday to Thursday.


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